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趋势分析供应维密魔法梳Get out, of course, in time, After all, even if the trenches were flooded, in terms of the depth of the trenches, it is impossible to drown, but don't forget, pound already sent a lot of crossbowmen wait on it, some jingzhou soldiers watched the river flow in, regardless of how much thought, instinctively climbed out of the trenches, but to meet them, is a cold arrow cluster...."What are you talking about!?" Wu into a cold, incredible look to lu zheng.

Gently close tardif unhappy eyes, tracing the cause sighed, the other reinforcements have arrived, and then chase down, I'm afraid the loss is their own, life after convergence of tardif's corpse, looked at the direction of the YinLing, tracing the cause sink a track: "withdrawal.""Kill!" Five hundred guanzhong elite issued a low growl, in the dark, in order to avoid hurting their own people, did not use crossbow arrow, but directly on the knife.Are you finally coming out?趋势分析Chapter one hundred and nineteen wei

趋势分析"Originally under Liu Xuande, are such only know good fight malicious ACTS, so, I will rest assured!" Zhang ren also not angry, just lukewarm back.The other side's voice was clearly deliberately suppressed, but Cheng Fang did not dare to neglect the slightest, so he nodded calmly and said, "Please follow me.""You've already dropped it once. There are rules of the game." Lv Zheng looked at Wu Jin, shook his head and laughed. "You can continue to procrastinate, and I can wait with you slowly. But I'm afraid your family will lose it if I miss the moment."

"Oh, that champion Hou know my name?" Ma self-deprecating wry smile.Rescue may not be able to survive, even if live, for a long time, I'm afraid also can't continue to fight, in that case, then simply die!"Who is that?" Zhang fei turned his head to look at a defected shu general asked.趋势分析





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