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黄晓明晒儿子照片|围裙加工"General! About to act, ma chao, ma dai and north palace from appear in the account, three people face still with a few haggard color, but at this time three people are emitting a surprising war."Well, if it's inconvenient, stop." See zhaoyun eyes flash a touch of pain, lu lingqi waved a way.Chapter 16

ZuoXianWang after come back, take the call hutch springs and candid, in hsiungnu power transfer one of the most peaceful, but after that, the first tu each, to zero, and the size of the Wolf qiang tribes successively from the control of the huns, followed by Qin Hu horizontal thrust a foot, suddenly struck the chicken abatis, entrenched in chicken abatis compete with xiongnu people."Who are you? Lu lingqi slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at ugotan, coolly way.If the wenping really, not jingxiang first, but also few rivals, many years honed marlery, simple and simply, but also deep and killer, this serious up, suddenly let lu lingqi feel the pressure.黄晓明晒儿子照片|"Rumble ~"

黄晓明晒儿子照片|Admire wood son lun mace, even kill several knights to zero, but the trend has become, powerless, the xiongnu people in growing Numbers are beginning to pieces, the wood is disorderly army forced back, just stop by Ezra pound chased out of ten, huns leave ground corpse, admire wood son see morale of decadent, after the nu scold a burst of, also can dim and retreat, dare not fight again.People are too ugly, age can become fuzzy, the guy can only use an ambiguous name.

Kun mu wen yan nodded and said: "in this case, the eldest brother with me.""Snow ~""What's that look?" Keats frowns: "mo see my young lady is a woman, but a martial arts, deep general true biography, what jingzhou generals are defeated in my young lady's hands."黄晓明晒儿子照片|




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