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荃加福禄寿探案|王新政白马寺痛消贴"But we have no choice." Zhuge Liang sighed, "He can spend time with us, but we can't afford it. I was going to use the advantage of the city to attract the Scholar Yuan to attack. First, I could consume the local troops, and second, I could wear down the enemy's spirit. After the enemy has been unable to overcome it for a long time, I will retaliate again. However, the Scholar Yuan has clearly seen through our weakness.""You're going to kill me!" Wu jin incredible look to lu zheng."Unknown rat, dare to harm me!" See this person's appearance, guan yu is angry not to play a place, he is a magnificent general, famous under the sky, if tardif, zhou tai also even, such a rodent, also dare to shake him tiger, really deceive too much.

"Kill!" Five hundred guanzhong elite issued a low growl, in the dark, in order to avoid hurting their own people, did not use crossbow arrow, but directly on the knife."You're obviously not a hard nut to crack." Lu Zheng looked at Wu Jin and shook his head in disappointment. "I want to know all your plans. I don't want to waste my time.""Quick, let the men in the trenches back to the city!" Suddenly Li Yan roared madly, he had seen a large amount of water flow in the ditches that Pound had dug before, and quickly spread to the trenches.荃加福禄寿探案|"Then shoot me in the woods, until the arrow shines!" Was YanYan provoked several times, wei yan heart also some anger, but it happened that there was no way, the other side of the word is not to run to the mountains of rogue play really put him in a difficult position.

荃加福禄寿探案|"General, how to deal with these jingzhou army prisoners?" Left behind the city He Qi came to tracing the cause, asked."By water!" Watching the remnants of the soldiers around them die one by one, But still can't break out, he qi a tardif, two people rushed toward the port, Xing Daorong hurriedly commanded soldiers encirclement and suppression, just two people familiar with the qua terrain, and the port there guan yu can't lay defense, was killed by two people out of a blood road, looking for a boat down the river, jingzhou soldiers said, also can only look at the river sigh.Anyway, at present deyang and even the whole shu terrain, crossbow power can't play to the maximum, and they are now to take a defensive rather than offensive, there are hundreds of shu army has enough to let zhuge liang headache.

In order to avoid trouble among these Shu troops, Lu Zheng Chengdu garrison will be divided into six thirty thousand troops, each five thousand people, from the defected shu will choose a commander, Wang Shuangze is responsible for commanding wei yan left guanzhong elite, governor of the six troops, in order to avoid soldiers because of the change of general resistance, but also the maximum general power in his hands."Here!"Therefore, tardif a withdrawal, guan yu also regardless of weakness, hurriedly life Xing Daorong point qi military forces, stormed qu.荃加福禄寿探案|





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