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女性奴|搜啦This speech a, they look at each other in speechless despair, for a moment also do not know how to answer, qiang king's position is naturally everyone want to sit, present of people, most also have this opportunity, but now is a very special period, who became qiang king, have to deal with the current situation."Well!" Zhang hurriedly agreed."Be." Ma chao said solemnly.

White horse with the head rub rub man's face, eyes seem to show a trace of not give up."What do you want? Hiring a thorn flushed by Addis sentence, but unable to refute, blasted asked, these women's horse is really good, if just want to go, hire people more, also can only be eaten ashes behind somebody else's ass, now calm down, what also don't know if I was the woman to tease, and anger in the heart, is shocked, it jumped out from where so much of a woman?The most intense, nature is that before the qiang hao shuai, now became the general of lu bu hao shuai, including the hao shuai of the baishui qiang, for lu bu this decision is very contradictory, after all, in their concept, this is related to their position in the army, how also can't say cut off?女性奴|"You...... "Pang tong pointed to Chen gong and laughed angrily:" there are more than ten million talents in the world.

女性奴|"Send someone to find out what has happened."The mainest is the old and noble family of chang 'an all contact with yuan shao, promoted yuan shao and the confidence of all people under the account, in yuan shao here, no one knows the old and noble family in lv bu hand how miserable, so that yuan shao received the letter of the division horse to prevent to meet, did not want to agree more.Korea fierce cold hum 1, hold the horses, blunt past again is a dead end, a famous archer looked around the roof, Korea's leading xuan spend big axe, shout a way: "I spent is jizhou Korea, lyu3 bu4 sex of wolves, undermined the people, I wait for the orders from the commander-in-chief, counter-insurgency, army has to outside, chang 'an day can be, dost thou not at this time, when?"

"Dare to ask the girl, why is miss lv here?" Zhaoyun looked doubtfully at Keats."Kill! Kill! Kill all these damned huns!" Qiang wang growled Wolf with his guard command of wolves in confusion qiang guard back, looked at his tribe suddenly became a hell of a pair of eyes have been red, the Wolf qiang soldiers also one growled and became entangled in the huns invaded came in suddenly, in the cooperation of the people killed in combat."Sir, this is not polite." Liu yun hurriedly rise, feel the cool meaning on the body, subconscious covered the chest.女性奴|




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