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郑爽挑战学霸|南宁博力行One thousand two hundred soldiers hissed at the same time, thunder-like roar as if to shatter heaven and earth, diffuse kill began to spread, a ferocious momentum to the defenders heard color change."General wei, general wen yuan sent us to help the general, I will listen to the general command." YuanMen mouth, he yi he man to wei hand way."Stop it!" A big hand clutched the arrow cluster, lyu3 bu4 appeared in front of hande, looking at the escape of the huns, sneer at a way: "send an army symbolic chase after a chase, remember, don't kill people."

"Er..." Listen to each other's mouth popped out of Chinese, lyu3 bu4 startled at the woman, tentatively asked: "Han people? Recognize me?"But lyu3 bu4 more can't look at these men to die with their lives, they need to vent, then take the huns to vent, in short, can't go to harm the han people.ChengGongYing thought: "lyu3 bu4 is strong, but after all, at the beginning, the foundation is not stable, although the man is valiant, but under the soldiers will be few, master can wait and see for a while, see what general andy means, if we join forces, it is quite useful, master may as well write to inquire about it."郑爽挑战学霸|Why is zhang liao here?

郑爽挑战学霸|Chapter 34 borrow troops"Ah ~ ~ ~" d madly shook the sky wolf gun, whipped the bowels of the horse 's chest into pieces, Blood gushed like a fountain from a wound blown by a gun-tip, Mixed with rain one after another spray on d's face, d is unaware, under the night, has turned into a blood man d like hell out of the evil ghost, waving a pike, crazy stirring the body of the horse, sent out a shattering howl, this scene deeply shocked all people."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, he now only less than two thousand cavalry, although Lien Chan victories, but hurt the enemy one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred, lyu3 bu4 also thought of settling down to build a cavalry enough to let oneself galloping the world, but cavalry training takes time, but also have horses and... Money.

"Master idea is good, but impractical." Marotta shook his head."Korea hence is not an idiot, the news here, will be sent to him in three days." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, looked to the distance: "If we first play wuwei, Korea will immediately shrink forces to west gansu, Hanyang area, wait for us to attack, even if we occupy other counties, also want to divide troops garrison, and then want to break Korea hence can be difficult."郑爽挑战学霸|





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