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霉霉对中国粉丝态度|湘西野鸡苗"West cool army crisis is solution, don't take it lightly, text." Seibel nodded, looking at xu sheng.Korea hence smell speech, can't help frowning, that night attack even now, Korea hence also remember, supposedly have such ability, should see that said to stick to the same as waiting for death, this kind of person didn't take advantage of their defeat to pursue, instead is to stop to make a plan to stick to, what is the purpose?

Although these township yong can only be the rebels at most, but after lyu3 bu4 completely stabilized the million people, according to the statistics, lyu3 bu4 hand can immediately more than fifty thousand troops, although large-scale army operations temporarily can't count on, but if only guarding the city these township yong can play a big role."Really?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, party day painting ji has brought the cold swept in, a ji cloud suddenly appeared, hidden, unexpectedly with the beast roar.A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?"霉霉对中国粉丝态度|"Patriarch, this matter is big, about my whole white water qiang twelve future, this matter, we should also discuss with the people of the family. Hao Shuai hesitates to say, although it sounds very beautiful, but the other party is also only asking for them now, if the future repent, who are they looking for reason to go?

霉霉对中国粉丝态度|"Chasing after Han Sui! The man in the brocade robe is Han Sui!" D in the rear to see clearly, sharp drink 1, with the troops toward Korea hence chase this way, to burn when the king didn't pay attention to the slightest."What are the details?" Lyu3 bu4 motioned for three people to sit down, sink a voice asked.After a long thought, Korea hence also can't figure out what the other party's intention is, Lyu3 bu4, after all, now just a little force, even if recruited to drop the army, lyu3 bu4's men and d added up, but also forty thousand people, including thirty thousand in the front, the remaining military forces also have to guard the four sides, even if some, also can only draw out two or three thousand people at most, in today's situation, and what can you do?

Two bloody head was hung on the tower, always refused to leave the horse iron in the head was hung on the wall of the moment, only feel head a dizziness, mouth spit out a mouthful of blood, the whole person down.D stood up, sink a track: "since the tetrarch ordered you for marshal, there is no less general in the army, only general d."Giffin wry smile way: "Korea hence potential big, under elite enough to have eighty thousand people, calculate the city garrison, burn when qiang, afraid of the first world war, but this time Korea hence please burn when the war, occupied most of the west cool, but according to Xu know, burn when it is not profitable, over time both sides will have dirty, master can put some effort in this regard, or can try."霉霉对中国粉丝态度|




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