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性感老妇|干博士Luoyang city, around the hot discussion of the news, and lyu3 bu4 as a party, but sat in the hall of a title of generals in ancient times, looking at a group of red-faced officials for the king.Opposite the camp, guan yu don't know lu su's idea, although jiangdong army has been on the verge of collapse, but jingzhou army brought by guan yu these days, although has been winning, high morale, but the manpower is poor, no matter how high morale, also can't eliminate the fatigue brought about by days of combat, soldiers need to rest."Guan Yu has led his troops to break Jiujiang, and Lu Su, the new governor of Jiangdong, is shrinking his defenses, as if to prepare for a decisive battle with Liu Bei." At sink a track.

A knife cut Xie Yun, Wang Shuang twisted his head, looked around a face of shu army, harsh voice drink a way."Boom ~"He doesn't have too many people on hand now, especially Zhuge Liang, Ma Su has also been sent by him to instigate rebellion against the Chengdu family, But Ma Liang's ability in the internal affairs is also good, he wants to control the overall situation, but the side effect of Zhuge Liang's ability is not to reach a certain level of people with uncomfortable, always feel that the other party will do something wrong, will Jiangzhou entrusted to Ma Liang, for Zhuge Liang, is also a way of no way.性感老妇|"Little lord!" After Cheng Fang left, Guan Yong came to Lu Zheng's side: "Everything has been arranged."

性感老妇|"Know a fart, don't take long, such as general guan after jiangdong, the sun quan children even regret the opportunity to have no." Another general sneered.Although the families gathered together in large numbers, But these people bully ordinary people all the time, Even the general county soldiers are not as good as, and how is the guanzhong elite opponent, just a charge, was washed down, bright moonlight, ma surrounded by a group of people, was carried away by the crowd, and the rear, ma qiu also don't chase, just ordered the foot soldiers began to clear these family horses.Cao Cao glanced at Kong Rong, looked at Liu Xie again, with a sigh in my heart, Although lyu3 bu4 seal king have that piece of seal, By this time, There's nothing to stop it, But at least it's not going to make sense, At least he had reason to deny the authenticity of the seal, But this seal, is lyu3 bu4 trophies, really is the court, at the beginning of the year, in order to strengthen their prestige, liu bei and others but spare no effort to publicize the effectiveness and authenticity of the seal to the world, originally want to inspire governors fighting spirit, who want that battle to the end will be like that?

Li Yan couldn't help looking at the trenches or canals dug out by Pound behind him, and so on... The canals!Chengdu has 30,000 garrison troops and 3,000 elite Guanzhong left behind by Wei Yan. Want to take advantage of the chaos in shu, persuade these families is only the first step, and the second part, is to use these families, to persuade the original shu in chengdu garrison, zhang ren, ling bract, deng xian these surrendered shu generals were taken away by pang tong, and responsible for the command of the thirty thousand garrison, is a title of generals in ancient times brought by lu zheng tong wang shuang shuang shuang shuang.A lot of awards is to see He Qi followed echo, also couldn't help nodding, although everyone knows, with guan yu now attack intensity, Yin ling city broken, is a matter of time, but this is to those foot soldiers listen to.性感老妇|




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