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李宗伟向马来道歉|银行资料架Chapter 68 meannessPart, on the other side holds the sea around the young saw their general was shameless WeiOu, is this for a while, gave a few have been cut, fly away. Zhang is wild way, well block, but guan yu in the art of using saber is a knife sharp like a sword, holds the wounds of the sea, is mostly caused by dragon crescent moon blade, saw their general condition, what is the name of her face full of huaxia senior general, promptly flattery, since the waist pulling a meteor hammer, thrown out on guan yu shake hand and mouth folded drink a way: "blush thief, see hammer!""The emperor uncle rests here a short while, have what matter, can call me." The boy bowed his hand to liu bei and left.

At that moment, the distant cry of an eagle attracted the attention of the public. Cao cao looked around, but saw a white eagle hovering over a nearby hill."Now we must restrain lu bu's cavalry, otherwise we will hardly win this battle." "Said cao cao."Is CAI MAO ordering me?" < / p > < p > jiang xia, huang zu camp inside, looking at the hands of CAI MAO sent a letter, huang zu was very unhappy to throw away the letter.李宗伟向马来道歉|Youth helpless by pang tong pull, in a group of pro - guard strange vision to the house.

李宗伟向马来道歉|"What's the struggle? My father once said that when there is only one choice, the struggle is melodramatic." Lv lingqi shook her head, she did not understand zhaoyun at the moment complex tangled heart."Military affairs are no laughing matter!" Gao shun thick eyebrow one xuan, frowning way: "Lord's decision, not my ability control.""Back to Lord, done." Li shuxiang shouted.

Enough malicious!"Good for you! Wei yan laughed and raised the ancient moon elephant nose knife that weighed 68 jin in the hand loudly: "pour!""Zhang he? Xiongkuo sea eyes flash a kill machine, sonant way: "Lord trust, the last will go."李宗伟向马来道歉|




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