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折叠屏任仲传风痛康膜Sun yi, however, with nothing wrong, picked himself up, took the long gun handed to him, pointed it at huang zhong, and said sharply, "old carcase, don't tell me I cheated you, can you dare to compare weapons with me?"Now in addition to lu bu, each big governors oversees a tax, or given priority to with us, and zhangsong this information is also in us, for example, to list out, now shu within a year, a family can call ten stone grain, the ten stone, there were six stone is used to pay the rent, and then the remaining four stone, half as taxes turned over to the government, and in the stone, the family to take up a large part of."No, in fact the consigliere did make calculations according to various possibilities, the most probable, as I have just said." Method is shook his head: "child Qiao Xiong, to tell you the truth, even if you really will be successful to shu liu bei, you may not have to end well, don't forget, as you move, but is equal to the treachery, even liu2 bei4 don't mind, his subordinates will be despised, milan's family will not give you dirty looks, in the end, in order to quell the anger, perhaps, you also will be a victim, why bother?"

"Can't beat a dog with a stick?" Meng da smiled and looked at liu zhang and said, "how many of those families are clean? Why not buy a few unruly people, out to correct the family, when the time comes, these things are not the Lord Lord to say who is guilty, can."But it also left a hidden danger. Xu is sure that the news that our army had captured hanzhong was already known to the vassal." Giffin nodded, zhuge liang was walking is gradually integrate, jingzhou first under the four big families of small and medium-sized family after consolidation, again with trend, crushed CAI, according to lu bu with giffin is expected, the fastest also want to early next year to complete, although long time points, but the biggest advantage is that liu bei can complete receiving xiangyang, and by that time, because of the CAI this enemy, resources can be more smooth integration of jingzhou liu bei."What's that, a shield?" Pound frowning at the jingzhou army out of the thing, he had heard yesterday in the tiger prison pass outside the battle, cao army shield car nearly broke gao shun crossbow, but for the shield car help, gao shun's results will be more brilliant.折叠屏"What now? Give up?" Lv meng looked hesitingly at zhou yu. He knew that zhou yu had been preparing for this day for a long time, and just as zhou yu had said, if he missed this opportunity, it would be difficult to find such an opportunity to recover jingxiang at one stroke.

折叠屏Speaking of, Mrs CAI has just passed the age of 30, is also the age of the prime of life, and not married before, is also a famous beauty of jingxiang, but this CAI family just was almost destroyed by liu bei, but now to marry Mrs CAI, this is a few meaning? Again lecherous, also must have a degree?Sometimes, cao cao really envy lyu3 bu4, although the early struggle, but after he out step by step, not be valued by all the governors of former northwest place zhang put out by the fighting capacity, back really is, is to late, lyu3 bu4 way is more suitable, in contrast, cao cao and others, although because of family support, early developing rapidly, but in the later period, but everywhere in Taipei, a lot of times, is pushing a decree, all want to weigh the pros and cons, far not like now lyu3 bu4, decrees, can in a very short period of time anywhere, quickly and effectively implemented, the efficiency is far more than twice the governors of the central plains?The spearmen in the rear mounted their thirty - foot spears on the shields, and the crossbowmen quickly replaced their crossbows and began firing.

Although the field problem was a little unpleasant, but under the coordination of zhuge liang, these influences were gradually covered in the past, because there were not too many wars, except xiangyang world war I, liu bei almost peacefully conquered jingxiang."Don't need to know, just remember, may be useful in the future." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head: "people for the rest of your life's greatest wealth, not torre to you what, but must have the courage to face, if one day, dad is gone, you are the one we had pillar, you have to learn to face, afraid it doesn't matter, if it doesn't even have the courage to face, torre to you one more thing, you are untenable."More importantly, zhang song's compromise can be said to be a benchmark, the old family is not a piece of iron, when lu bu step by step after the growth, some in the family circle mixed not as good as one's heart will start to turn to lu bu side, this in the original lu bu and jia xu had been expected, but how to measure this standard? Zhang song is a good example, it can be predicted that when lu bu successfully won the shu zhong, as an example of zhang song, lu bu will not only realize his promise, at the same time, in many issues, can be partial to zhang song.折叠屏




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