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midas结局|麒翔木枣口服液"All right, so he won't worry." Lyu3 zheng smell speech, can't help nodding, the front of the war has begun to spread to the whole county these days, even around some counties are beginning to be affected by the fire, two people the chess has the trend of the greater, in order to let pang tong can at the front, chengdu news also really should let pang tong et al. Know, let them eat a reassurance pill.Glancing at the soldiers gathered behind him, Lu Su took a deep breath and looked at them with a smile. "Guan Yun-chang," he said, "is no more than that."

"Boom ~""What are you talking about? Believe it or not, the Third Master will tear you alive now!" Zhang feiwen speech, like a detonated artillery, full of a ferocious smell, even behind him a group of jingzhou soldiers are involuntarily retreat some."If I take Chengdu, the front hundreds of army is not destroyed?" Ma looked to lu zheng.midas结局|"The heart of the little man!" Pang tong depressed waved, the rear left less than one hundred steps wei yan said, also can only continue to retreat.

midas结局|Coming up behind me, Nature is under Liu Bei, No less than the closed veteran Huang Zhong, Seeing Guan Yu's arrow fall to the ground, Life and death are unknown, with a sniff, bow and arrow again, This time it was a series of three arrows, Tardif could see clearly, The arrow did not hit the guan yu key, dodged huang zhong before shooting an arrow, then to shoot again, will guan yu thorough results, but then came the sound of the air, face can not help but change, hurriedly wave the bow, the arrow cluster above, force is strange, the first two arrows can block, the third arrow is inevitable, an arrow in tardif eyebrow.After all, those who died, are trying to subvert lu zheng, now with the guanzhong policy began to spread around chengdu as the center, tasted the sweetness of the people, naturally began to spontaneously support lyu3 bu4, at the moment the people talk about it, only one sentence: deserve it."Dang ~"

"Just two hundred people, also dare to clamor here, you go to YuanMen open, prepare archers, a home to see, this head, he tardif dare to take!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, harsh voice drink a way."Yes." The general nodded. "While wood mulberry emptiness, jiangdong army main force into jingzhou, jun to MAO jie, into LuJiang, master secretly will general guan yu back, with general huang zhong, counterattack jiangdong army, in the next war in fuNiu mountain, general guan yu personally, in all the army, knife cut lv meng, array cut jiang qin, jiangdong army crushed," twenty thousand jiangdong army.On the city of nanyang, because of the reason of the trenches, it is difficult for nanyang city to send scouts to inspect the surrounding areas, plus pound's blockade, so that the city of nanyang is almost cut off from the outside world, only to see pound these days continue to dig trenches in the periphery, for a time puzzled.midas结局|




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