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朝兴 林太太脉诺通"Pang tong, wen pin, these two daughters want to take away together, to the western region, also can help. Lu lingqi looked at lu bu, some vacant way, the two may have some name in jingxiang, but also not so that his father also surprised."To ask me about such things?" Lyu3 bu4 wrinkly frown, see to zhang already of vision in some dissatisfaction.Lombardi was such a two people interrupt, chests that oppressed clearing, lamere and sitton is the main attack cao cao, nature do not change, let alone lombardi although sometimes indecisive, state-private, but brain haven't rust away thoroughly, in order to deal with cao cao, he's from lu bu in xuzhou, also has been deployed, the main do not light, only bing horses, in the preparedness of the conference semifinals at the same time, to be able to set aside thirty thousand troops has a lot of zhang he, how can then lamere sitton tone in the past?

Is a wise man, it is easy to see the key, but also points out the harm of the rulers of business must have absolute control, traders profit, if can't restrain, will be a double-edged sword, in turn, checks and balances lyu3 bu4, this is both lu bu and his officials, war will not tolerate things.No general, however formidable, could have been defeated in a battle with his own strength, and the battle would not have been so easy had it not been for the fact that the main body had been beaten by the hussars.Chapter 21 the beginning of the battle of guandu朝兴 林太太In any other place, this single command would have led to rebellion by cao cao and yuan shao, but this was chang 'an. These so-called families were, in a sense, only prisoners.

朝兴 林太太"What's the difference? She's not as good as I am." Lu lingqi stubborn stare at lu bu, eyes yong cool, dare to contradict with lu bu, I am afraid there is only one."The last general!" Ma chao excitedly a fist, got the order to turn around and go."Mr. Gong tai, you... "Lv lingqi looked puzzled Chen gong.

"And what does master have in mind to help me stand here?" Lu lingqi naturally cannot because pang tong a few words, give up the idea of based on the western region, smiling to pang tong road.Chang-an, a plow on, in a lot of people are curious eyes, erected a building up to three zhangs, in a couple of craftsmen, under the command of the faces huge canvas was fixed in the relation of cross bar, as the canvas, driven by wind, slowly turn, drives the inside of the bearing, the voice of the machine including friction, sounds a bit harsh.Seeing pang tong, whose face was suppressed and flushed, lu bu said, "public Taiwan and wen are worried about Mr. Pang's talent, I will not put you, but also know that you refuse to work for me, since you helped ling qi before, now you can continue to help, he is yours. Then he nodded to lv lingqi.朝兴 林太太




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