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uu9980|储油罐价格"Zheng zizhen, you are humiliating me! ?" Wei zheng ran way."So, you at least have to give people the right to express pain, and zheng son you remember, dozen outsiders, that is the ability, but on your own people also by force to fight, that can only prove your incompetence, to the pain of your friends, and revenge. Seeing that some Confucian scholars were looking this way, lu bu hurried to the opposite direction with diao chan and lu zheng.The plain was a small county, and the city wall was less than 20 meters, and it could not accommodate tens of thousands of soldiers and horses. Yu ban took his headquarters near the plain, by the bank of the Yellow River, and found an open place to camp in.

In front of the house, there was a feast of death. No assassin could come within five paces of lu bu. Only a moment later, a dozen assassins fell to the ground, each with a short arrow in his throat, heart and other vital places.If not want to use chess to simulate the world general situation, I am afraid he was also this old fox in the dark, lv bu sighed, clearly his spirit has arrived five stars, why still calculate but this old guy?"Stop them! Stop them!" While zhang yun commanded his trusted soldiers and horses to block the sharp arrows of xiangyang soldiers with their shields, he looked anxiously at the gate. Although liu bei's army was fierce, it was only Shouting outside the gate.uu9980|Is not high morale as the rear archers escape began to collapse, the front of the soldiers were killed in conjunction with the changan the tacit understanding, the two military forces hit together less than a quarter of an hour to separate the outcome, there is no doubt that occupy a number of advantages in hanzhong city army lost very thoroughly, in the face of both equipment and combat effectiveness beyond their several grades of chang an army, when near to their cost, was startled to find, even if not the terrorist bolt, army, it is still a army, is by no means they can withstand the last get broken, then, is breaking away from their mess.

uu9980|"Rumble ~" is a series of crash sound, at least three city charging car hit the city gate at the same time, the defenders of the city can even hear the gate began to crack, issued a cacophony of sound."Tell him to wait in the lobby!" < / p > < p > lu bu turned around, indifferent way, Chen gong ran at this time obviously not want to eat, even if there is something important, lu bu will bowl of porridge, then hurried up to the partial hall to catch up.< / p > < p > only when found the inn, before zheng small equivalent people know what so ridiculed them, the chang 'an city inn, is not the general expensive, and wei zheng and others rely on their identity, or choose a first-class restaurant, a person a night of accommodation is thousands of dollars.

At such a time, lu bu naturally did not want pang tong these high-end talents to run the risk, although the war with a very small price to complete the whole hanzhong, but no matter pang tong or wei yan, any loss, for lu bu is not necessary consumption, now lu bu is more willing to crush the opponent with the grand division."Put up your shield for me, archers!" Zang ba once again tried to suppress his opponent with a bow and arrow.Chapter 18 wrestlinguu9980|




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