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百度收录口|海纳八宝植物润黑露"End the battle as soon as possible, and remember, never persecute the people! Xiangyang soldiers, please try to surrender." Liu bei nodded his head and said solemnly that xiangyang, as the capital of xiangyang in liu biao's time, could not be replaced by a second city in jingzhou in a short time, whether it was solid or politically important."For shield! The archers fight back!" Yang bo, Yang ang issued an order at the same time, but its slow horse.Lyu3 bu4 sitting in his seat, close the meditation, these five years, with the growing of the people's livelihood, their side growing influence on the silk road, influence and even spread to Rome there, your frost in which natural, but your frost distance changan though is not so far away, the Roman but not far-away, there is always thousands of miles.

Confucianism college is one of the big schools, after all, it has a unique status for 400 years. Even though lv bu now advocates law, the number and quality of Confucian students are enough to equal or even surpass the school of law.Took one look at nodded, cao cao hands that connect the delicate crossbow way: "lyu3 bu4 since entrenched changan, the crossbow, continuing innovation has been the organization craftsmen form xiaohong, even in the military, the title to stimulate craftsmen constantly, as far as I know, that even the crossbow around five years ago still lyu3 bu4 we should make a title of generals in ancient times who, even after local troops are now equipped with, the luoyang main army used the crossbow, more terrorist, I'm afraid."百度收录口|"Huh?" Cao cao wen yan, a cold look at kong rong, kong rong a positive attitude, happy not afraid to look at cao cao.

百度收录口|< / p > < p > south door, in zhang yun opened the gate at that moment, suddenly appeared around a large number of xiangyang soldiers, zhang yun complexion changed, harsh voice way: "quick, fire, please liu bei army into the city!""Roar ~" zang ba gave a despairing roar, stared, and died."Ourselves, Lei stone, to I throw down!" Zang ba pushed open the arrows and kicked over a soldier who was cowering in the corner with a shield, growling angrily.

"There is no need to worry, general. Now our army only needs to make sure that the way forward is continuous, so that we can remain invincible. Pei ang bowed.< / p > < p > Chen qun looked up at the day, the identity of the family is destined they can not have more in-depth intersection, this goose pavilion after or not to come, lest sad.The emergence of a small arrow without warning in the case of iwslt no reaction, drilled his throat, the blood of the wailing colourful flowers bursting in air, two soldiers is responsible for protecting iwslt fundamental too late to make any response, watching iwslt maintained a last-minute expression, so just fall on the ground, blood red in the passers-by screams of large ground.百度收录口|




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