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失意之棒|博闻科技有限公司"The Lord is assured that he will do his best in the end!" Pound said."If it had not been for the news that lu bu had occupied hanzhong, I am sure that zhuge liang would have conquered xiangyang with a bloodless sword in the end." Zhou yu sighed and mumbled, "zhuge liang may not be a great soldier on the march and battle, but if it comes to his mind and skill, he is not lower than any top counsellor in the world."You ~" cao cao saw xunyou one eye, compared with xunyu's steady, xunyou is a lot of mind, cao cao can notBelieve xun you since thought of this point, will not think how to limit the problem, but the heart is still very happy.

But others choose silence, does not support one's remarks, last few battle, has enough that lyu3 bu4 forces strong, they have chosen men rejoice lyu3 bu4, if lyu3 bu4 as strong men now have hundreds of thousands of troops, that also don't call you to go with lyu3 bu4 lower it got tied to each other.< / p > < p > sit down horse began to charge, around the cao army immediately let go of a channel, xia houyuan crazy horse running, with a gust of wind, the hand of the sword dragged on the ground, issued a shrill hum."Yang fu, governor of the ministry of rites, Yang yishan, the governor should have some impression." "Lu xun replied.失意之棒|As seibel commanded, semaphore hit, from seibel army, suddenly out of a row of soldiers armed with a large shield, no other weapons, the soldiers had only a shield, only this shield is different from ordinary round shield, but a rectangle, is higher than a man, there are two full refers to the thickness of shield, as the whole military communication down, quickly in seibel type line, shield array, a row of strong men armed with strong GongJin crossbow hide shield soldiers, after jun see no shield array.

失意之棒|He knew that the woman was not trying to frighten him, that she was indifferent to life, and he had no doubt that he would have been a corpse last night if he had not been ordered to take him alive.< / p > < p > liu bei this expedition, nanyang thirty thousand jingbing but liu bei's family, this time was almost brought out, also can see liu bei's attention to this battle, this nanyang jingbing, but guan yu is trained, although cao jun is equally elite, but guan yu does not think his jingbing on the variance."Bang bang bang ~"

< / p > < p > zhou yu heard yan nodded, Yang fu he naturally is not strange, when Yang fu sent to jiang dong, had personally visited zhou yu.Hundreds of rockets that had already been prepared rose into the air and landed on top of dozens of crossbows before the enemy could react.KuaiShi brother is not a fool, and if the tactic to zhuge liang, the pattern should be kuai home brother kill CAI, seize the xiangyang power and then turn to liu bei, but liu bei's invasion in advance, and then many drove kuai, such as plan is not yet perfect, have to ahead of falling out with tsai Liu Beilai eventually pick up the pieces, could have been well preserved kuai home now so finished with CAI home.失意之棒|





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