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股票推荐麦吉丽最新优惠价Han sui discontented stared at li kan, stood up and said: "go, go and have a look.""Yes." Jun hou nodded, lyu3 bu4 words again, the huns face finally relaxed a lot.Although know each other's target is lyu3 bu4, But MiaoShang heart is still perturbed, afraid of being zhong yao to find their secrets, good, zhong yao soon close to xinfeng control of the war, let MiaoShang relieved, but unfortunately not long, this is just a few days, suddenly came the news of someone wandering in hanoi, let MiaoShang more frightened, led by general, unexpectedly is lyu3 bu4! ! !

"Yes." Chen Gong smell speech, smiled and nodded, then asked: "If he is willing to join, whether to continue to do xinfeng magistrate?"Want to live, can only play, must also play, he has no way to retreat, if can't destroy lyu3 bu4, that soon, he with the head will become lyu3 bu4 meritorious service book to show off a name.Giffin wry smile way: "Korea hence potential big, under elite enough to have eighty thousand people, calculate the city garrison, burn when qiang, afraid of the first world war, but this time Korea hence please burn when the war, occupied most of the west cool, but according to Xu know, burn when it is not profitable, over time both sides will have dirty, master can put some effort in this regard, or can try."股票推荐Lyu3 bu4 looked up at the sky, outside the door, in the han people constantly fighting, outside the conference semifinals are constantly growing, both sides in the future will have a world war I, national integration, for now, is also a trend, since the trend can't change, that he simply lead the trend? Xiongnu, xianbei, wu huan, and the western regions of hu, while the nomads have not yet fully grown, as far as possible to weaken their power, may make themselves carry the national sinner's eternal name, perhaps the result is not as good as you think, but how about that? He lyu3 bu4, also need to scruple about what stigmatization?

股票推荐"The general should know, commanding, general mindful of the past, I can understand, but the general ever thought, with d on the day of those soldiers and how to face?" Marotta sink a track."I have met Mr Li." D picked a pick eyebrow, for a person who doesn't even want to reveal the name, instinctively some rejection, but somebody else is to help themselves, after all, also not good snub."Big Brother!" Ma dai hurriedly ordered the soldiers to close down, on horseback to d, worried looked as if into a crazy d.

"Here!" Side of the marquis promised to 1, send someone to clean up the battlefield, wei yan is with a large team, to bully ling direction, now, also only zhong yao this one has not been solved."At the beginning of our forty thousand west cool army south, I didn't expect forty thousand west cool army will be defeated so miserably." Korea then looked at Yang Qiu one eye, cold hum a way: "This man chest hide military strategy, brave, must not take lightly, let Liang Xing occupy north county as soon as possible, as long as the north county occupied, d will become a lone army, then, even lyu3 bu4 want to save, also can't help.""Zhou Cang general, this person can't kill for the time being, or wait for the matter of hanoi, such as master." Wei yan wry smile.股票推荐





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