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田中千绘图片|玉米面条加工机械Late at night, the torch burning in the barracks was gradually drenched in the rain, the whole barracks is dark, even guarding YuanMen soldiers, at the moment also don't know to hide in the corner to take shelter from the rain.In the dilapidated palace, a relatively complete hall, a huge map was opened by two guards, lyu3 bu4 looked at a few people, sink a track: "Gongtai.""Set fire!" ChengTou, a cold voice did not reach the gate, but the next moment, with hundreds of torches thrown from ChengTou, followed by the flames of the sky with countless screams, the fiery battlefield instantly turned into a piece of purgatory, followed by ChengTou, there are countless figures, a ladder in the screaming of the west cool army was pushed down the wall.

"Jia has a plan to show my sincerity without ruin that strength of our army," laughed the countrys gaze."Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 eyes to responsible for intelligence gathering and analysis of giffin, since the last world war I, lyu3 bu4 will feel the lack of their intelligence capabilities, specially appointed giffin responsible for the formation of specialized agencies for intelligence gathering."Thank you master!" Seibel step forward, took the male broad sea sent your surname, lang track.田中千绘图片|"Lyu3 bu4 can have retreat?" Korea hence smell speech, frown asked.

田中千绘图片|"Here!" Li can not hesitate to promise, immediately turned away."Oh?" Cao Caowen speech eyes a coagulation, put down the wine, motioned to small school letterhead, spread letterhead, at a glance, face gradually become gloomy down."Adult, this..." Seeing the scene out of control, county commandant complexion also changed, soldiers here, mostly local people, a two kill the establishment of the right, but if more, he really dare to start, the people of the city can flood him.

Chapter 36 commanding"This master ten thousand elite rushed to d, it concerns the future of our army, tube general with me, PeiYuanShao, you stay in gaoling, continue to drill military forces, and responsible for the distribution of hay." Zhang liao put down the letterhead in his hand, su rong looked at the two generals under the account.North palace from zheng looked at lyu3 bu4, some blankly looked at the hands of zaoyang slimming, a kind of unspeakable pain suppressed in the heart, clearly he has a strength, has not burst out, but has lost, this feeling, let him quite uncomfortable.田中千绘图片|




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