警惕 暴雨天碰到这个要赶紧逃命|

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警惕 暴雨天碰到这个要赶紧逃命|lumeimei"Yes, father." Lv zheng nodded, cleverly standing beside the sable cicada.Zang ba held out two arms that had lost the palms of his hands, his eyes were open, blood was pouring out of his mouth, and his throat was roaring like a wild animal.

CAI shi came to CAI MAO side, groping CAI MAO's cheek, the voice softened some, but the words in the chill, but chilling: "you should know, in this city, there has been an affair with liu bei.Inescapably, although is a fighter, but if stranded in too much power, that the aircraft is likely to become the source of unrest, let leud alliance against lyu3 bu4 ahead of time, even if it is just sent goodwill jiangdong, if lyu3 bu4 to jingzhou laid hands on him at the moment, I'm afraid will not hesitate to stand on the opposite of lu bu.警惕 暴雨天碰到这个要赶紧逃命|

警惕 暴雨天碰到这个要赶紧逃命|"To persuade? Why persuade? Promise him." Zhou yu laughed."Maidservant dare not say, that your frost emissary is really so said, she said that the Lord when alone into the xianbei court, to her...... Later, the Lord broke xianbei and put her back into guishuang. She had a 10-year engagement with the Lord." The maid bowed."Go down first." Lv bu waved and Yang fu bowed and retired.

The momentum of the dead carry to the end is gone, even when liu bei hit xiangyang news came, CAI MAO also just simply nodded, and zhang yun found that CAI MAO around people, overnight for a stubble, faint, seems to have bad things happened."He's my heir. There's something he can't get away from." Lv bu turns head, gently hug sable cicada: "we want to do, is to teach him how to face, not blindly protect, at least, in my side, he will not be dangerous, but people can't rely on their parents all their lives, isn't it?""From this moment on, you are my brother!" CAI MAO say that finish, in front of the figure of a good shape, zhang fei has taken a large group of people rushed over, CAI mansion flame too zhao eyes.警惕 暴雨天碰到这个要赶紧逃命|




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