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cfwg飞天|蜂花前清茶Korea hence battle, had to save power, burn out qiang and fight the huns, may not have noticed at the beginning, but after p. o back to the news, burn when Lao wang carefully think, that despite being lyu3 bu4 chuan, forty thousand soldiers, with the strength of itself in the following war wreck far less than in the burn out qiang and xiongnu, it is figured out that burn when Lao wang is not willing to give Korea hard."Pa ~"For lv bu now will center of attention on this craftsman camp above the practice, the heart has some speculation, first use legalist successor, open academy, now focus on craftsmen, this is to reproduce the spring and autumn period hundred schools of thought contend? Although there are doubts, but it is hard to say what, at least lu bu's approach does make yong liang's people in the rapid recovery.

Personal skills: halhald master (lv10), archery master (lv9), riding master (lv9)The two sides hanged together, the number of city guards is too small after all, plus these soldiers one seems to be holding the idea of suicide rushed over general, rao is liao hua brave, the city guards each life, also by these crazy soldiers forced into the wind.Zhaoyun doubt saw pang tong one eye, some not quite clear this appearance some special man and lv lingqi is what relation after all, not quite like lv bu to send to assist the person, unluckily in weekdays quite a few crazy elegant demeanor.cfwg飞天|Zhaoyun with pang tong looked at each other, silently nodded, Addis this action not only shocked bamboo king, even some consternation, zhaoyun and pang tong Addis decisive and by biting, this group of women's reaction speed, even in the central plains of the elite are not necessarily comparable to, and time to hold very well, don't give the chance of bamboo king reaction, the huns angel and his gang pro who has come, the next threat bamboo king were masters, let pang tong involuntary think of oneself, suddenly some lucky, this woman to kill a person can really didn't have any symptoms.

cfwg飞天|"Shoot him, shoot him!" Yang Ding feel, at the time of lyu3 bu4 say this sentence, soldiers around eyes, with a malicious deeply see toward him, these cities, lyu3 bu4 out of soldiers, just temporarily to his management, as for Yang Ding tunes, except a few around other or break up, into the other camp, or directly into wasteland, before he didn't reveal the disjunctive, once is worried that her rebellion, these people will definitely be the first to kill himself.As the daughter of lv bu, she was also an unyielding and unyielding person. Therefore, even when pang tong helped her in jingxiang, he directly kidnapped pang tong after the first communication failed."Lu bu's words, a word of nine tripod, words out of my mouth, naturally is not what joke." Lyu3 bu4 smile way: "I want to build a, originally want to deliver to you, but my son disposition impetuous, unbearable big use, so from beginning to end did not mention, today see, but have a difference, this matter can with you say."

Three hundred battalions of hussars, raising their respective horse-cutting swords, charged at the four or five thousand massacres of the slaughter. This scene seemed very strange, but the slaughter had been killed, the fear, now see each other rushed, instinct wants to flee.After zhang wins big in lu bu already returned, chose to be loyal to lu bu, as the son of a poor family, zhang has no family burden, after affirming lu bu's ambition, chose to become an official.Loyalty is not out of the question, but doing things is cautious and conscientious, quite praised by the Chen palace, the month before the recommendation to lu bu, promoted to yong zhou don't drive, lu bu and Chen palace are interested in a period of time, will put zhang xiliang to serve as a key history.cfwg飞天|




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