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宗庆后儿子|黔商互联Li shuxiang nodded, quite agree with this statement, after all, compared to xuzhou, jizhou or the merger of chang 'an is not far away, even if there is something, you can escape back."Strong man no strange, my young lady, she is actually very good." Keats sat down and examined the wound to zhaoyun, perhaps it was the result of a strong physique, zhaoyun not only survived in that situation, but also recovered quickly, the wound had scabbed.After shaking his head, li ru looked at zhang liao and said, "sometimes, we may not only use our own men. If our enemies can use them properly, they may be better than our own men."

Tian feng looked at yuan shao, but a sigh, leave, give a mouth, see tian feng left the direction, he is also not in favor of rashly deal with lv bu, just yuan shao had this idea, plus guo tu and others cuanduo, just went a step of confused chess, but even the zu also do not think lu bu really threat yuan shao ability.A title of generals in ancient times the general office, the fighting raged, outside the door was struck, five hundred dead and more than a dozen dead and desperate rushed into the house, trying to gain a foothold, but be ready Gideon commanded, dozens of spear body will die and scored, xi bow arm in arm, continuous shooting to turn it over from the wall of the die, the general house back yard, big Joe cole anxiously watching a bunch of midwife into busy busy, but can't help you get started, only listened at the door outside the throats of heart secretly anxious."Be!" Four brave men step forward, stretch out a hand to lead, toward lu lingqi way: "young lady, don't want to let the subordinate difficult."宗庆后儿子|"The longer it takes, the better for cao cao. Lu bu nodded thoughtfully. The war situation in hebei was not only about lu bu, but also about jingxiang, liu biao and jiang dong, sun quan.

宗庆后儿子|"My father has said that such a rare talent as master could never be used by the enemy, even if it could not be used by me. Therefore, master should be wronged for a few days." Lu lingqi sincere way: "stay at the place, the little woman must apologize to Mr. Door."Not a difference in temperature, but an illusion of masculinity about the people around you."Huh? What did you say?" Burn when Lao wang did not respond for a while, puzzled to look at aguri.

Jia xu nodded with a smile and said, "liu bao once lived in the han dynasty for many years. The last time liu bao visited xi liang, he did not harm the people. Instead, he began to formulate laws to stabilize the people."Yo ~"All three got up and walked towards the door.宗庆后儿子|




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