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公主帮|游戏充值卡"Lyu3 bu4." The country said emphatically, "Han Sui-kong has 200,000 people, but no one in the army can compete with Lyu3 bu4, this defeat also;" Korea hence although there are two hundred thousand, But the heart is different, burn block qiang people is not its subordinate, looks like a big potential, but there are quite a lot of hidden dangers, the two defeats, also, its three, two hundred thousand, but trapped in a county, hay will not help, difficult to hold for a long time, lyu3 bu4, do the hay of nanyang, hanoi, now again have jincheng, west gansu trench, and forces less, consumption is also small, this is the third; Fourth, Korea hence good at killing marten, not melt in the law of the court, lyu3 bu4 for adverse, comply with the will of heaven, with the four defeats, Korea hence absolutely difficult to win! ""The sooner the better, the better to go tomorrow!" Lyu3 bu4 flatly way."Yes." Giffin nodded and continued: "Since that date, between Korea hence and Ma Shi, because the contradiction between subordinates in the fueled by our sent to people, intensified, recently Korea hence repeatedly mobilized military forces, I'm afraid is ready to take a shot, but Marten does not seem to feel."

"You..." XiongKuoHai stare, want to speak, but was giffin to stop with his eyes.公主帮|"Where did you come from?" Lyu3 bu4 frown way, if the family, even if there is talent, also can't let him continue to stay in xinfeng county.

公主帮|"General, no!" Chen Xing's lieutenant was the one who escaped from Sheyang with him at the beginning, and he laughed bitterly at the news. "Although the candidates were surrounded, they didn't attack," he said. "But under the encirclement, I'm afraid the soldiers of our army haven't left far away yet, and they'll be caught up by the other side's cavalry.""Long article don't have to busy refuse." Lyu3 bu4 interrupted chen qun's words, smiled and said: "cao cao can not give, I will let a person to contact lombardi, as long as the price is right, I will often send yuan jizhou, I believe the general will give me a satisfactory answer.""Yuan bi, redundant words, some don't want to say more, now dong zhuo's era is over, li guo has died, a now led the levy west general, holding festival guanzhong, west cool, but under the soldiers will be few, since you and I meet here today, is destined to fate, official, help me." Lyu3 bu4 residence, looking at cioffi, lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

Cao Caowen speech, helplessly nodded, the business tiger, maturing, he has a hunch, if he can defeat lombardi, the business tiger, will become his enemy in the future."Your Majesty, what shall I do?" RiLe carefully looked at the leopard, asked softly.公主帮|




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