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烂货我捏烂你的奶|伊香初蕊Guo jia rises suddenly, look cheng yu way: "does lv bu have what reaction?"So han sui had to go. As for where to go..."Husband, lamp ~" subliminally stretch out a hand to cover the key, for the first time so unreservedly present oneself in front of a man, the face spread a touch of shyness, want to blow out red candle.

That's it!"Be." < / p > < p > lu lingqi reluctantly gave up the entanglement, pang tong and wen pin to zhou cang, a group of people is almost zhou cang see pressure over the wu pass.< / p > < p > the original day lu bu broke the huns news back to chang 'an, chang 'an heart heartened, but also caused the dissatisfaction of lu lingqi, especially know in the battle, lu bu side also more than a woman, the heart for lu bu but not with their own quite angry.Later lyu3 bu4 return, want to choose the guard that ride general mansion, lyu3 ling3 qi4 thick face want to join, but drive back by lyu3 bu4 diao cicada side, then lyu3 bu4 then take a horse to go out of the city, outside the city break camp, come training soldier, and come crafty camp have a lot of things to belong to a secret, build in the barracks also convenient keep secret.烂货我捏烂你的奶|Three hundred fighters, a title of generals in ancient times camp was wearing helmets and armor, armed with Tibet, tightly with behind lyu3 bu4, is a fan in turn opened, like a sharp awl, behind the camp of a title of generals in ancient times, is the three thousand moon people from riding, and then the tu, zero from a first, a huge populated on array, and darted in xiongnu people were these suicide cows destroyed by fire formation, quietly formed.

烂货我捏烂你的奶|"Not now." Lv lingqi shook his head: "father said good, if so for no reason to use me as the general, will let people say that his father no one, I should first in the central plains to play their own reputation, and then lose some generals, back, father also need not be difficult.He worked tirelessly?Lv lingqi some bored sitting on the horse, looking at the opposite by dozens of female soldiers surrounded by the young general, slightly disdained the way: "all said wenpin is jingxiang generals, today, but also so, we were a group of women led by the nose, you even call yourself a general?

Zhou cang last night's battle process spoke in detail, although can't say how this kind of style, but always feel lv lingqi this kind of play skillfully avoid the woman weak, not good at front fight short board, will oneself agile, lightsome characteristic perfect play out."Through no fault of his, the Lord Lord is now committed to integrating the qiang people into our han nationality, and many of these problems are really a headache. A bad solution may affect the Lord Lord's plan, but it is good to take this opportunity to officially launch the department of justice." Jia xu smiled as he sipped his tea."Kun mu, why are you here? After scolding for a whole day, aguri, who was hungry, saw one of his soldiers running and carrying leg of lamb and drinks. He was not happy, but looked ugly: "it was you who prayed to the han army! ?"烂货我捏烂你的奶|




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