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面馆老板被砍头|合肥废铜回收Several people looked at each other oddly, but a quick agreement was reached.'but I have no choice! CAI MAO sneered: "since want to perish, that together! Kill me!"

...'no! Chen gong stood up and looked at LAN zhan with a scroat, and handed over to lv bu: "Lord, your frost is based on a thousand li, now the world situation is delicate, vassal to my guanzhong eye codily, if rushed to send troops to aid your frost, not to say the road is long, the consumption is huge, if vassal at this time to attack, how our army against the enemy?""Miss Lao ying er." Chen qun smiled and nodded to the woman behind the curtain.面馆老板被砍头|Under the silent night, under the wall of the city came a crash of something, extremely harsh loud, even across the distance of zhao DE can clearly hear.

面馆老板被砍头|"And what should the regent do? We cannot send troops." "Said lv bu.Camp later lyu3 bu4 established five, a title of generals in ancient times is the guard lyu3 bu4, holds the martial arts will satisfy, but above the commander is too mediocre, has always been playing the role as lyu3 bu4 ducale, a title of generals in ancient times basically will not leave the camp lyu3 bu4 side, while the remaining four, pound shot of the camp is given priority to with infantry, and from the north palace area camp is most is the han qiang hu naturalization, although lyu3 bu4 disapprove of discrimination, but underneath, d is not too highly of roars camp, five elite, the real elite is d day by day and zhaoyun white horse camp equal.

Swallow swallow saliva, zhang yun looked at kuai yue, for a time do not know how to say.The damned idea was soon proved."Be." Lv zheng nodded his head and ran to call someone.Few people actually in the general office. In addition to their husband and wife and children, that is when the maid rui son liu yun, a few cook, so later to find a few, with rui son, as for human, mostly from a title of generals in ancient times the camp or other army retired, or age, or other reasons, in a title of generals in ancient times mansion to see some disabled people is not what strange things, as to whether affect the lyu3 bu4's face, ha, at least before the board the purposeof, don't need to worry about these problems.面馆老板被砍头|




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