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abcabcabcheliu|又木黑糖果冻No matter how to say, liu bei with him, are one family, and CAI MAO, can not support themselves, this is also for their own future pull a foreign aid, with liu bei support, at least in the future even if not jingzhou, will not be persecuted by these families.Perhaps zheng xuan is purely based on the academic open this debate, but cao cao more believe, without the support of lv bu, zheng xuan could not have so much power to let the debate propaganda so thorough, make a lot of central plains celebrities to attend, not to say the fame is not enough, but financial, zheng xuan is not so great ability.It was lu bu who was telling the world about his academic status, not lu bu himself, but the power of lu bu, a hundred schools of thought, that is to say, besides Confucianism, lu bu of other schools could provide them with living soil.Hezhou, hu guan, zhang he camp.

"Thank you, general." Xu shu bowed respectfully.< / p > < p > guan yu, zhang fei do not know what happened, but with liu bei acquaintance for 20 years, or the first time to hear liu bei's tone with such great anger and severity, they only know that the elder brother angry, also can not continue to ambush, each with the horse rushed out of the city, is to see the broad sea mention the copper rod, want to retreat."How's the ship going?" Gao shun took the letter, while opening, while asking.abcabcabcheliu|The next morning, lu bu summoned Chen gong, li ru and jia xu.

abcabcabcheliu|To begin with, also can maintain some formation, but as the tentative d rounds, behind the formation of mess up gradually, many soldiers have forgot what formation, casting its feet rush out in the snow, the mood quickly spread to the front, CAI also unable to stop the slump, unless he has ability to kill d, just... Is that possible?Lv lingqi looks at gao shun to leave of direction, dissatisfied of pie pie mouth, twist a head to see toward zhao yun way: "see this time gao shu is true angry."This idea in a flash across in your mind, liu bei has been determined, a spare twin sword, joined the fray, mouth shout stop, stay zhaoyun hesitate for a moment, twin sword in his hand is not hesitate to kill to Addis, guan yu, zhang fei and liu bei brothers for many years, already formed the tacit understanding, which also don't know at the moment, a moment, the pressure of the three people all focused on the Addis.

"All right." Liu biao nodded: "then let him come over, this man is old, material to CAI MAO also won't be too alert, and let him to spy in the house, responsible for the defense of the house."Back to Lord, done." Li shuxiang shouted.There was already a gleam of light on the horizon, and after the darkest hour the first rays of the morning's light fell upon the earth and shone upon this hellish land.abcabcabcheliu|




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